Company Leadership

Technology Director

David Engel, Ph.D.


David has over 25 years of industrial experience in a variety of areas ranging from chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical chemistry, sensors, light to energy conversion, membranes, nanotechnology, security technology, analytical methods, chemical additives, combinatorial chemistry and process separation technologies.

David is the co-inventor in 21 United States Invention Patents on various subjects relating to technology development. David has completed a number of technical projects, plant troubleshooting visits and business development initiatives for Eastman Kodak, Porous Media, Pentair, General Electric and Sulphur Experts in Latin America, Europe, Middle East, US and Canada regions. He has authored several papers and seminars on a variety of subjects. Recently David has focused on enhancing process efficiency, plant profitability, and equipment reliability with reduced use of resources.

David has a unique combination of technical and analytic skills for troubleshooting. He has distinctive capabilities and expertise at the interface of process engineering and chemistry. This enables David to perform accurate root-cause analysis and develop sound practical solutions.

Currently, David is the Managing Director of the Nexo Solutions holding companies consisting of  Nexo Engineering, SulfurSWEET, XPhase Systems, Provia Materials, DynaSoak and IntelliChem Technologies. David is also Board Member of Exion Systems, member of the Advisory Board for Gulf Publishing, member of the Editorial Board for Elsevier Filtration and Separation, Committee Member at the American Filtration & Separations Society Southwest Region, member of the GPA Midstream Section M and Expert Witness in several platforms and legal cases.