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Amine Unit Optimization & Reliability Improvement

Technical Services & Customized  Products. Comprehensive Solutions.

Increase Stability.  Meet Specifications. Minimize Costs.

A Comprehensive Approach for Amine Units

Technical Services, Testing and Troubleshooting

Expert technical services for amine units, optimization, reliability, performance improvement,  and problem solving

Antifoams, Corrosion Inhibitors and Emulsion Breakers

Complete line of amine unit process chemicals for reducing foaming, minimizing corrosion and breaking emulsions 

Coalescers, Filters, Separators and Activated Carbon

Customized contamination removal technologies for amine units: internals, vessels and complete turn-key systems

Amine Unit Technical Services

Amine Unit Consulting and Process Simulations

Onsite Troubleshooting, Testing and Laboratory Analysis

Amine Unit Contamination Determination and Mitigation

Foaming, Corrosion and Fouling Root Cause Analysis

Contamination Removal Systems Design and Vessel Reconfigurations

Rental Filtration Systems and Supplies

Amine Unit Specialized Products

Feed Gas Coalescers and Rich Amine Liquid Coalescers

The most important vessel in an amine unit is the inlet gas coalecer as it protects the process from undesired feed contaminants. In addition, rich amine liquid coalecers are important to remove any hydrocarbons in the rich amine stream.

Feed Gas Filters and Amine Solvent Filters

Rich amine and lean amine filtration are have different purposes and should be addressed separately. Correct chemical compatibility and proper media efficiency matching the suspended solids in the amine solvent are key for effective filtration.

Activated Carbon Adsorption

Activated carbon removes a variety of dissolved contaminants in the amine solvent. From surfactants to process additives and amine degradation products , these contaminants often  cause foaming, leading to amine solvent losses.

Amine Losses and Amine Recovery Systems

Amine losses are problems associated with treating LPG, NGL and other liquid hydrocarbons.  Amine solvent losses not only cause economic losses but also impact downstream units.  Amine solvent recovery systems are capable of minimizing up to 95% of losses.

Antifoams and Emulsion Breakers

Antifoams minimize foaming in amine solvents. Amine units require  a specific antifoam to eliminate foam effectively. Emulsion breakers on the other hand separate emulsions of the amine solvent with hydrocarbons such as LPG & NGL.

Corrosion Inhibitors and Corrosion Mitigation

Corrosion is a common process taking place in most amine units. Determining the source of corrosion is critical for implementing correct corrosion control programs that include process changes, monitoring and corrosion inhibitors.


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